Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Asami Morino Greets Visitors Like A True Gravure Idol

After the Jinri Experience and after riffling through Max's latest samplers of "Weekend w/ Ellen", I think part of being a Gravure Idol means spending most of your time at home, semi naked. Doing the usual chores, semi naked. Everything, semi naked.

Which is a swell idea for all chicks of Gravure/Idol Material. Plus, it would make Door-to-Door selling seem like a real career with perks.


22874004_ya_14_11.jpg 22874023_ya_14_12.jpg 22874043_ya_14_13.jpg 22874045_ya_14_14.jpg 22874046_ya_14_14b.jpg 22874061_ya_14_15.jpg 22874068_ya_14_16.jpg 22874071_ya_14_17.jpg

A Gravure Video feature with Asami "semi naked" again, can be found RIGHT HERE!

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